for dVerse & Twiglet #193

A Fleck of Skin

It was back when I couldn’t
see myself for myself.

That body is long gone,
its narrow shading fled,

its memory swept away
like dead flies on a windowsill,

And then I’m reminded. I see
myself in luke-warm sepia photos.

I see myself as a fleck of skin.

Me sitting, skeletal, at a table with
those ghost-thin arms of mine.

I can’t remember – did I cast a shadow.

Back then when body image was
an unknown issue. Back when

my clothing was single digit size.

Back when I couldn’t
see myself for myself.

image WikiArt by Pieter Bruegel the Elder “The Thin Kitchen” –
poem © Misky 2020. for dVerse “Selfie” prompt and Twiglet #193

7 responses to “for dVerse & Twiglet #193”

  1. wow… you’ve said what I’ve felt

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  2. Amazing! Your thought process is unique.


  3. i read this on my phone earlier today, but didn’t want to comment on that tiny keyboard! Sorry it’s taken so long. You’ve taken such a difficult subject, and dealt with it so sparingly and cleanly. I love the repetition and the detail of the dead flies, and especially

    I can’t remember – did I cast a shadow.

    This is just excellent.

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  4. I was often in the shadows… not looked at or thought of much.
    I don’t think clothing size matters when we find confidence.
    To heck with what others think. Move forward with grace and poise.
    We deserve respect for who we are.


    1. Lovely sentiment, Jules, but I’m not sure confidence comes so easily to most people. It’s certainly worth aiming for though.

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      1. Sometime it takes a long time for that confidence to arrive. And then one wonders why …

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