A Haibun for dVerse Poets

A Haibun Poem for dVerse Poets

Dust swirled behind the car and I remember thinking, I want a long white lace veil when I get married. I was 14. The road ahead was silent and empty, the woods thickly green rising up from earth’s heart, stumps like elbows and trees tall as time waiting by a river so clear that stones at the bottom shone through in the sunlight. The sky was sealed blue with breaths of clouds sleeping like hills, and I remember the car’s windscreen, a splattered mosaic of insects, and Mum saying that her aching hands were a plague on her mood. I sat in the backseat, reading a book, giving myself motion sickness. Dad steered the car off the road, and I fled into an aura of green, through huckleberries and fiddlehead ferns, and let fly the deepest contents from my stomach. Buzzing insects black as asphalt hitchhiked on my arms and neck, this aura of green turning dark, this forest of thirsty souls in carved wood, and this place seemed cold without a future tense. I remember looking down and my feet had no ankles, and the air a violence like a Delacroix painting. And then I fainted. Are you sleeping, darling? I heard Mum’s voice. I remember wondering when her hair had become a chorus of white.

I am dreaming
It’s the deepest word I know
Are you sleeping, darling?

for Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets. Includes the word “hike”   © Misky 2020. Featured photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

11 responses to “A Haibun for dVerse Poets”

  1. Violent as a Delacroix, wonderful image! And your haiku dreams.


  2. Astonishing. The haiku!


  3. Oh I LOVE this! You actually leave a question in this reader’s mind….is this a dream or is it a real memory from your childhood. As a memory from childhood, I can totally relate. I got carsick all the time! I never read in the car though (still cannot) because I knew from very early on, that would be disastrous. I think my car sickness came from my parents smoking in the front seat. But oh yes….I can remember making them stop the car and running for some kind of cover off the road to hurl up whatever was in my stomache. Yep. I never fainted though….and that detail adds the question of dream or not. Wonderful descriptive words through out….as always! 🙂


  4. This is so very good! I love the story…the dream like images and that dreaming is the deepest word you know!
    I really liked the images conjured up in this line: this forest of thirsty souls in carved wood
    Great work!


  5. Effective presentation of an unfortunate moment Misky – but perhaps in a most pleasant surroundings. Your haiku was excellent


  6. This is like dreams within dreams… the memory of being motion sick is one I can remember… (still I liked to read while riding in the backseat)… and that image of waking up from childhood was so sudden…Wonderful prose and excellent haiku in the end.

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  7. A dream delight, with a poetic, surreal voice! Well done!


  8. Creepy dreamy. So many intriguing details…


  9. This has the feel of a dream after eating an exotic food. The nightmare of being in such lushness but being preyed on by a horde of predatory insects while your protectors are oblivious is scary!


  10. Wonderful, whether a dream or a memory, I haven’t visited my teenage years in such a long time. I love the random thought about the long white veil, the way you describe the scenery, the ‘stumps like elbows and trees tall as time’, and the ‘splattered mosaic of insects’ on the windscreen. I still get motion sickness from reading in a car. What gripped me most was the place seeming cold without a future tense and ‘the air a violence like a Delacroix painting’.


  11. “I remember wondering when her hair had become a chorus of white.”

    I found this to be a very touching line. Beautiful haibun.


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