Miz Quickly’s Free Poem Kit

But Nevertheless

This valley looks like a secret
that’s lost its key. Locked and left.
There’s a river that can’t be seen,
it’s dipped into the parched soil,
not a spot of it to be seen from
where I am standing.

But nevertheless, it is

a riverbed, and I, too, might up
and vanish. Do without myself.
This landscape is where I can easily
slip into green hills and blue sky.
To compare myself, feels an insult
to this river and valley and view.

But nevertheless, I am

myself, concealed in these hills.
I walked the slopes when I was
much younger, back when the sky
dipped into the blue of the sea,
and the sun floated on the water.
Sadly, I have never seen a firefly.

But nevertheless, it is what it is.


© Misky 2020 A Free Poem from a Quickly prompt, inspired by Nordbrandt’s “Egne Digte” Collection. Image is the Sussex Downs.

One response to “Miz Quickly’s Free Poem Kit”

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