I’m a Speck on the Lake

I’m a Speck on the Lake

I’m a Speck on the Lake

Adrift on an inner tube that’s
large and black as a serpent’s
mouth, or a ship afloat on a lake,
and I’m watching thunder clouds
growing, and blooming white.

I’m a continental drift, somewhere
between heaven and its echo.

for Twiglet #  “Blooming White” and dVerse “Come Sail”   © Misky 2020
Image WikiArt Air Usage CC:00

14 responses to “I’m a Speck on the Lake”

  1. This is magical….from the first line when I’m leaning back, realizing how small I really am while looking up at the shape-shifting clouds in the immense sky to the larger realization of the continental drift…..just floating in a lake….daydreaming…..thinking about what life is really….a speck on the lake. Really enjoyed this one!


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