dVerse Views

dVerse Views
From my window toward the back garden.

In This Summer Bright Room

This is my room.
I am its centre.

This is my mother.
My father.
Their photos framed.
They are with me
on the windowsill,
with my children,
and their own children,
with this dog and that dog
whose lives
enriched mine.

The wall behind me
is shelved with books.
References to this and that,
that fiction, and those maps,
this ancient history,
and that archeology.
Volumes of books
on cookery.

The walls are painted
a soft shade of suede .
A yellow jade rabbit
sits near my desk.
I was born a Rabbit.*
I am a rabbit.

The window is open,
to summer, and I hear
the train to Brighton.
Sounds carry up these
steep rounded hills.

It whistles into the crosswind,
a stuttering whimper,
a warning wheeze.
Its wheels rush the rails
with a death rattle,
and then
it’s gone.

This summer-bright room
holds still waters,
holds my sight in its
My ears are my eyes.

for dVerse Poets “Looking Out the Window” and Twiglet #188 “Sleepy Water” images © Misky 2020 — *Chinese Year of the Rabbit. I have an age-related eye condition which often distorts my long-vision.

32 responses to “dVerse Views”

  1. What a wonderful place of contentment, with all the things you love about you and a room filled with sunshine or moonlight, depending on the time of day. You are blessed.

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  2. A lovely journey round your room, family, rabbit and all. I liked how at the 4th stanza you brought in the sound of the outside world – the wind, the train – and its ‘death-rattle’, the final stanza, so still – the repetition of ‘holds’ – is a quiet ringing chord in the room you’ve created in the poem. Bravo.


  3. I love how you began in your summer bright room, Misky, introduced your family, all in their photo frames, and we only saw a part of the window frame in the photo you posted, and then you scan the room, showing us the internal view, showing us some of you, before moving out through the open window. Where did you get your yellow jade rabbit? I’m a monkey, and I haven’t found a jade one. The sound of the Brighton train is very evocative, and the way it ‘whistles into the crosswind, / a stuttering whimper, / a warning wheeze – excellent alliterative onomatopoeia! – and then that death rattle! I’m glad you left us with the view of your colourful garden.


    • My youngest son is a monkey, and it’s remarkably accurate. My jade rabbit was bought in Hong Kong. We lived there for many years. He, yes he feels male to me, was a birthday gift shortly before we returned home to the UK. Yellow jade is thought to have protective and healing properties. Anyway, I absolutely adore him. Yellow jade is not as well liked in China as green jade so it’s less pricy.

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  4. Such an inviting space. I like the way the poem centers itself before questing outward. It might favor us all to make that a life habit. Problem—now I keep getting flashes of you and Peder rabbit dancing in the moonlight.

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  5. I have a sanctuary too. Though not walled in. Not many can pass trough being on the edge of the development and no public access. We were just at a dinner that had that calendar. I forget what I am there… I go by what I like I suppose – one of the ‘sun’ water signs.

    Best to you…

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  6. I really liked that your words and pictures looked inwards to both physical and psychological spaces. So sharing, thanks.


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