Make Up a Word: Arborpifilial

ARBORPIFILIAL (verb, I think) ar.bor.pi.fil.ial

arbor: having to do with trees or plants
filial: child-parent, the crossing of,
pi: Brit slang short for pious, piety, respect

Def: to show respect for the fruit of a tree.

Is It Arborpifilial

I have too much
time on my hands,
as I find myself considering

whilst sitting under a plum tree
and eating one of its plums

if this might be considered as
completely unacceptable,
possibly arborpifilial,
to the plum tree.

© Misky 2020 4MQ 25 July. Make a Word. I’m going to tell you straight-up, this is not as easy as it sounds. image WikiArt “Olive Picking” by V. van Gogh

3 responses to “Make Up a Word: Arborpifilial”

  1. I like your word… I think eating a plum is completely respectful to the tree.


  2. Your piece reminds me of the book “The Giving Tree”… and yes I agree, the tree would be very happy.


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