Miz Quickly’s Interview #1

Twenty Seven Questions Found & Remixed in ‘The Last Wish’

Who are you?
What shall I call you?
You are common folk, am I right?

Do you bow your head and sing canticles? 
Are you powers innate?
Should I bite a chair leg?

You mean those charlatans with stars on their hats?
One thousand and two hundred?
Are you playing at being a knowing one?

Look at him — is he brave?
Can you image such a fool?
… to market … to market?

And what about a wise man’s suggestion?
Why not follow the highway?
What do I care of details?

Where do such things come from?
Who spawns you freaks?
A prin … cess?

What made your hair so grey?
Am I your mother, or something?
Why delve into it?

A girl’s thigh – does that bother you?
Are you laughing?
Does my talking tire you?

Red eyes and crocodile teeth?
Vampires? Leshys?
Strigas or cranberry pudding?

“The Last Wish” by A. Sapkowski from The Witcher series.
4MizQ Interview #2 Questions  

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