Miz Quickly’s Do-It-Yourself Prompt

No. 1: Admirable Thing about Someone You Dislike

Good things. Um. Good things. 
Good things about him, yes? 

Well, he shares the same name 
with my recently retired dentist.  

He has a long white beard with 
a blizzard of food stuck in it, 

think swallow’s nest, and nests 
and baby birds are a good thing.

His eyes are a blueish opacity.
One meanders like a chameleon.

When he breathes, he sort of hums.
Or maybe it’s a purr. Not sure.

He’s not a tax assessor, nor is he 
a politician. That’s all very good.

And he has clean shiny shoes, 
and a dog that yips all the time.

But the dog’s not a good thing.

for Miz Quickly’s 2 July Do-It-Yourself Prompt ©️ Misky 2020 Image from Unsplash

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