Miz Quickly’s Day 18


A Poem Starting with the Title of a Poem by Delmore Schwartz

Dogs are shakespearean, children are strangers

that little boy who just kicked his sister
that little girl who’s afraid of the dark
that little boy who won’t eat his greens
that little girl’s wearing fairy wings

and children chase after patches of sunlight

that dog who’s happy about things unimportant
that dog with a toothy growl on its breath
that dog whose tail wags without reason
that dog gleams when it’s wet

and my dogs still linger in landscapes

4b 18.06 Face the Music Dogs Are Shakespearean, Children Are Strangers, BY DELMORE SCHWARTZ. ©️ Misky 2020


7 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Day 18”

  1. “and my dogs still linger in landscapes”… I love that, it is so true

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    1. My two dogs are buried under hellebore plants in the garden. Two of the healthiest hellebores you’ve ever seen!

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      1. Two of ours are on the bank behind the house. I’m glad they are still close.


        1. Sometimes I swear that Molly (the springer) is nearby. Not always but occasionally.

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          1. Well, you don’t have to tell anyone but I sometimes talk to Rivers up on the hill.


            1. Rivers? What a fabulous name!


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