for Miz Quickly: 13 June


Throw Down Your Tombstone

I woke up in church with
Holy Holy playing on the radio.

Rain splashed on the streets,
chanting, protests, and flames
roaring into the night.

Draw in the woodland’s breath,
throw down your tombstone,
the world’s become a grave.

My brothers and sisters,
said the voice on the radio,
Let us pray.



4b 13 June: Gather up the nouns from one of your previous poems, and use those words to create a new piece. It took 3 poems before anything came together in my head. And then I applied 14 June prompt about picking a good title. ©️ Misky 2020

3 responses to “for Miz Quickly: 13 June”

  1. Wow!!! Powerful. And “throw down your tombstone” is amazing.

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  2. I missed this Misky, glad I finally saw it. Love everything about it. I agree with ‘let’s pray’ but we should be doing that while we help make lasting changes. Building up – not tearing down. Getting rid of bad cops not all the cops. But, most of all creating a path of Dignity and Respect for all colors of the spectrum. We (white) people have a long way to go to change our ways. thoughts, attitudes, some of which we aren’t even aware we hold. Sermon done, now.

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