26 April 2020

updated 1 June/20

The Journal

Writing After James Schuyler’s “Hymn to Life” —

He and I in a Square – (regularly updated)

Day 84 of Lockdown. Summer: sunny, 28°C.
The neighbour’s chainsaw cuts through
the morning. I’m awake. And it’s charity
bag day. Every house, but the 3rd one
up the hill from me, has an over-stuffed
bag waiting for pick-up. Clothes for Africa.
We send our old clothes to Africa. Unwanted
shirts, jeans, and such. We are generous.
We keep the economy ticking over. We buy,
toss, and clothe Africa. I think it’s Monday.

Day 70 of the Isolation Waltz, and yes,
it’s Monday again. A pigeon on the roof
ridge. Make that two pigeons on the roof
ridge. Magpie on the aerial. Pink roses
blooming by the kitchen window. Parsley
on the windowsill. Odd, all seems normal,
except for the neighbour walking laps
up and down and across his driveway.

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