Where the Story Took Her


Where the Story Took Her

I once heard of a girl who was
so high above us that she was
her very own bright moon.

Her face was her pride, and
her laughter star-sparkling.

I heard that she was all legs
and luxury, lips like plums, and
eyes of lavender-lilt.

She wore pastel-pink shorts,
and wobbled about on spiky heels.

I heard that girl drank absinthe
for lunch, and that’s why she’s
always a few sheets to the wind.



4Q ©️ Misky 2020 Image from Wikipedia “Princess and the Pea”

2 responses to “Where the Story Took Her”

  1. Love your poetry, Misky!


  2. My father read that story to me over and over when I was a child.

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