dVerse Haibun


There’s this painting by Piet Mondrain, reminds me of PacMan. Makes my think the whole image should move in robotic jerks and jolts. Sounds effects, too. Tic.Tic.Tic.Tic. Inching left, right, up, down. Tic.Tic.Tic.Tic. Or maybe more like Space Invaders. I played that on a tiny black & white telly at my cousin’s house. He had an Atari. I had a chessboard and a jump rope. Or maybe it reminds me of a TV test pattern. Dad was always tinkering with our telly. He was more interested in what was behind the screen than what was showing upfront. All those bulbs that went white hot and glowed, and Dad always had a soldering gun in his hand and an oscilloscope. My cousin’s dad usually had a golf club in his hand. Video games never piqued my interest. I’d rather lose myself in a cookbook.

Skipping rope
White-washed picket fence
Screen door slams



written for dVerse Poets ©️ Misky 2020

4 responses to “dVerse Haibun”

  1. I really love the thought of a father trying to solder the TV… so far from my own father… he lacked most technical skill, it would have been my mother trying it.

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  2. It reminds me of PacMan as well.


  3. Quite a few of our poets thought of PacMan! I love the idea of the painting moving in robotic jerks and jolts – with sound effects! I really enjoyed the personal anecdote about your dad tinkering with your telly, Misky, which reminds me of my grandparents’ telly, which was really old and had an old-fashioned bulbs and a tube in it that had to be changed occasionally. I have a clear image in my mind of your dad, soldering gun in hand. I agree about video games and cookbooks.


    1. Thank for the prompt. It was fun to jump off an image rather than a word for a change. Enjoyed it!

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