20 May: dVerse Poetics


I Escaped …

into greens.
into shaded limbs of
silent sage and
noisy limes.

beech buttressed the sky,
and I was lost, stitched
into queen anne’s lace
and elderberry creams.

scent played me,
teased as
scotch pine warmed
the air.

I escaped myself,
if just for that moment.


for dVerse “a portal” ©️ Misky 2020 photo taken near my house.

17 responses to “20 May: dVerse Poetics”

    • I love that road. It leads to a very deep lake. It’s a nightmare if you meet a car coming the opposite direction though. The road’s width is about 3/4 of a lane.

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  1. Hard to escape yourself, i try to escape myself, but I am an annoying pest and it is hard to do. the blanketing of lush flora in this poem is stunningly portrayed. 🙂


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