Quadrille #104


These Mad Mad Days

The sun shifts over these
daylight hours.

Lovers never long for
the sun
thirsty as salt.
No use
asking why fire is

And I keep thinking,
I’ll go fishing; that’ll fix all this.

Life is an invisible

for dVerse Quadrille 104 “Fix” (44 words, excluding the title) ©️ Misky 2020

8 responses to “Quadrille #104”

  1. Enjoyed your poem … berry picking might fix things ?

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  2. Ohhhhh, that last line!
    And this:
    “the sun
    thirsty as salt.”


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    1. Thanks for the prompt, De. ❤️


  3. The sun rising thirsty… and it rises long before me these days (at 4 AM)

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  4. Nice description of life as an invisible scar.

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  5. I love that last line. Can we ever find a quick fix to all these?

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  6. So good – so liked the cascade of the poem, falling down into despair (or melancholy at least). And ‘the lovers never long for / morning ‘ such a clever doubling of meaning. As ever every word working hard. Great stuff.

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