Quadrille for dVerse

Japan Sea Storm

We Dance

We are intricate velvet.
We are a dance at the altar.

A river of our silly misfortunes.

We move.
We dance.

Like the cold oak.
Like red calla lilies.

The river is the dance.

And the sun cried out
for respite, for




for dVerse Quadrille “Silly” 44 words. This is a reworked Found poem created from “Hymn” by Joseph Fasano ©️ Misky 2020. Image from WikiArt CC:00 Fair Use Lic4

7 responses to “Quadrille for dVerse”

  1. Really enjoyed this! So much that I can connect with here….LOVE the ending…and the idea of a river of silly misfortunes. My complaints about this time “in shelter” are so unimportant in comparison to what is and has happened to so many others.
    So glad you posted to the prompt!

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  2. This poem is like a dance. ❤

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  3. I love the shape, the rhythm, the river of silly misfortunes – wonderful, Misky!

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  4. Lovely, the flow like waves.

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  5. I wish for dance to be better than this… but I think it will be… until then we will learn how to make our own sourdough or something

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  6. I like the description of our misfortunes as silly.

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