AprPAD: Day 14

Three American Sentences

aged, with just a hint of a fizz. she was a sleeping volcano.

like bone-weary; like an old volcano that only kept a wee fizz.

I always liked Sylvia Plath; she knew her way around blackberries.


for Twiglet #172 and Poetic Asides
Day 14: Forms III. inspired by
Sylvia Plath’s Blackberrying



In the Style of Mary Oliver’s “Every Morning

Here I am scratching words
on a post-it note with
a near-drought-dry pen that
I pocketed last year from
a hotel in Cornwall, and

a doctor on TV is saying,
“We don’t need any damned tests –
I can tell by the way a person breathes,”

and this chronic media drip
of illness and explanation is
becoming white noise. I turn off
the TV, and go outside into
a shower of yellow drizzle pollen.

And sneeze.

Day 14 NaPoWriMo Poets that
Inspired Your Writing

©️ Misky 2020 It’s Poem a Day month. These are all 1st drafts.

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