AprPAD: Day 13

A Poem in the Style of This Is Just To Say, by William Carlos Williams

Forgive me,
because while you
slipped in and out
of your afternoon nap,

and while
the TV updated daily
covid-19 news,

and while
a magpie fought
with a pigeon over
bird seed …

I bit the ears
off your chocolate
Easter bunny, but

as you never read
my poetry, and
you’ll probably not

notice that its ears
are missing, I’m apt
to not mention it.

for Napowrimo Day 13: Nonapology poem.


Dot-To-Dot on Horse Back

We always found
our way back home,
connecting dots
across his back.

Dot-to-dot riding
from here to
there and back to
the barn again.


Hungry Skin

it’s not that
thirsty wolf
at the door

with those
wild eyes and
hungry skin;

it’s the devil
within that
burns its mark.

for Visual Verse Daily on Instagram Day 12 and 13

©️ Misky 2020 It’s Poem a Day month. These are all 1st drafts.

One response to “AprPAD: Day 13”

  1. I really enjoyed your non-apology.


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