AprPAD: 5 April

for Visual Verse

Every time we drive over this flyover I say the same thing. You see, IMG_0112I was born here, well down there actually, in my parent’s bedroom although my auntie claims I was born in the bathtub. And a bit short of a year, I took my first steps down there. Fell down a lot. I have small feet, and they were even smaller back then. I once tripped on a blade of grass, although it was on top of a wonky paving stone, but to me it was that blade of grass that left me strewn on the ground with a bloody chin and savaged knees. For some reason, I was a slow learner; didn’t figure out that hands were made for breaking ones fall – I usually slid across the pavement on my knees and face. As I understand it, people pay loads for a facial abrasion. I reckon they need to fall down more often; pocket the money. Anyway, this flyover — Dad built a house on this very spot. It had a big picture window that looked down on the lake, and at Christmastime we’d watch the Christmas Boat arrive with St Nicholas onboard. And when I was in 1st grade, the county sent my dad a letter. They requisitioned our land, and built a motorway where our house used to be. And every time we drive over this flyover I say the same thing: We’re driving over my old house.

©️ Misky 2020 It’s Poem a Day month. These are all 1st drafts.

One response to “AprPAD: 5 April”

  1. Lovely stuff (and I’m so enjoying the found poetry as a counterpoint – who would have thought the workman-like Michael Crichton had encoded such delight).


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