AprPAD: 2 April


There’s a small space
on my desk
where a calendar sits.

It takes up the whole year.

There’s a space between
my teeth that used to
catch bits of meat

so I became vegetarian.

Move over. Give me
some space, and
let me grow,

said the acorn to the oak.

A “Space” poem for Poetic Asides Day 2


©️ Misky 2020 It’s Poem a Day month. These are all 1st drafts.

12 responses to “AprPAD: 2 April”

  1. I like the reason to become a vegetarian.

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  2. You took my breath away with this one, Misky! ❤️ Elegant write.

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  3. I like this form, stanzas numbered, with a single line capper. Space can be a lonely sphere or calming safe harbor.

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  4. Short and to the point – I love this!

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  5. And now we say “Move away…give me my space… I don’t want to breathe your air!

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  6. This is nicely written, and I really like it but can’t articulate exactly why. 🙂


  7. Short and to the point! I liked it.

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  8. Love it, Misky! I identify with all of it.

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  9. I wish my finals were as good as these 1st drafts. 😀 The form is great – the statement in the trio, the pause for breath, for reflection, and then the witty ironic conclusion.

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    1. Thanks so much, Peter. Glad you enjoyed reading it.


  10. Sometimes better not to know…

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