AprPAD: April 1

A Glimpse Over Yesterday for Poetic Asides

Morning shines, despite
all things that darken night.

Last night’s splash of thunder
and lightning’s lash of tongue.

Puddles of rain and a pale
breeze that spells of absence.

Despite all things that
darken night, the church bells

ring to the swell of the sea,
and wild garlic tweaks the air.

In this moment, time is fixed
as stone. To greet, to see

hawthorns return to deep
garment green, and bees

drowning in honey. We all
drown in our own honey.

Today, I woke to a rooster’s
crow. It’s a new day, but I’m

still anchored to yesterday,
despite things that darken night.

for PA Day 1: New World

And for The Poeming, which is a Found poetry challenge sourcing material from Michael Crichton’s “Jurassic Park” … the original post is at



©️ Misky 2020 It’s Poem a Day month. These are all 1st drafts.

One response to “AprPAD: April 1”

  1. I was watching a show here called “Cosmos” and it was telling the story of how possibly first contact with a different intelligent species was when some scientists studied the language and behavior of bees… They never drown in their own honey. And are kind enough to share…

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