A Gogyohka on Restlessness


A Few Observations on Restlessness

I woke at 2AM
writing poetry
in my head
I yawned
and it was gone

When I wake
I’m greeted by
a floater in my eye
it bathes on a tide
with every blink

Yesterday I woke
with a sea-legs and
music in my ear –
it’s high pressure
I’m anticyclonic

Sleep is
a mind twice my own.
This explains why I
sometimes count syllables
in my sleep.

I sing lullabies
to my plants
but they never sleep.
Sometimes I can’t sleep.
Sometimes I can’t lay awake.



Poetic form: Gogyohka. image from WikiCommons “Ridiculous Dream” by Francisco Goya, Original Title: Disparate Riduculo Date: c.1819. ©️ Misky 2020

3 responses to “A Gogyohka on Restlessness”

  1. Great image choice – Goya’s branch of dreams so well done in this surreal sequence – I think my favourite is singing lullabies to my plants…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for introducing the form to me. It could become addictive!


  3. I think we will be singing lullabies to inanimate objects soon…
    Some dreams are better forgotten upon awakening.


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