Poetry: An Espinela


Iron on the Wall

There’s the northern and the southern.
Hallelujah, they sang for him,
and amen ending every hymn.
Brothers. Sisters. Baptist. Brethren.

On the wall, a cross of iron,
wooden pews so unforgiving.
Discomfort. Complaint. Forbidden.
God, they said, punishes living.
Death, they said, is all forgiving.
In that building, they’re still singing.



for Poetic Bloomings: Poetic Form is an Espinela The Espinela is a Spanish poetic form containing two stanzas. It has four end rhymes across 10 lines. First stanza has four lines. Second stanza has six lines. Eight syllables per line. Rhyme scheme is abba/accddc.

©️ Misky 2020

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