Quadrille #99 and Wordle


The Approach

The barn door’s open to
birds singing,

and he comes into view,
born out of smooth fog.

The floor’s a chill.
His damp stirs. Rips

the fog, lifts from his heat.
He’s a virus. A panic.

I felt old enough.
I’d just turned twenty.



for dVerse Quadrille #99 and Wordle Words #446: smooth, twenty, sing, view, enough, old, virus, panic, blessings, floor, rip, lift ©️ Misky 2020

25 responses to “Quadrille #99 and Wordle”

  1. Oh, my. Astonishingly pithy piece for having included so many prescribed words, Misky. Love the staccato feel of the lines. And this: “he comes into view,
    born out of smooth fog”

    That right there is why I think you should also write a novel.

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  2. So good this. I particularly liked ‘His damp stirs. Rips…’ such a change in pace – an almost violent shift in the poem as ‘he’ comes into focus. Great compression in these scant lines. Marvellous stuff.


  3. This is absolutely gorgeous. From the barn door open and the birds singing, all the mystery swirling smoothly until the reveal “I felt old enough. I’d just turned twenty.” It’s tantalizing!


  4. I’m VERY late to the reading…that seems to be happening to me more and more? But perhaps, because of that….this poem hits me even more. We left on January 8th from Boston for our 2 + months in San Diego…to escape Boston’s winter. And at that time…..the virus was in China only….not too much of a threat as we always say, it can never happen here. We returned on Wednesday to a different world…and then the world exploded even more over the weekend…..this virus we have now across the globe may have begun like a soft fog, creeping in (is it Sandburg who compared the fog to a cat padding in???) but it now is a tsunami in Italy, Spain, and “coming to a theater near you” —- Sadly we know what happens with this virus now. You wrote a fiction here….and since you wrote it, it has become truth. WOW!

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