for PB’s Personification of a Tree

And Then The Tree Said …

Oh God of Green, give me strength,
there’s something pecking at my neck,
something other than this birdbrain
poem about old barren trees & cold

skin-pricked days & lichen knitting
into my limbs, & hold me strong
against this blowing back & forth
& thresher rain that chops my knees,

& I stand rooted in my lack of green,
iced by hollow wind that flutes a tune,
& now there’s a fat-barrelled pigeon
sat on my gnarly twig, & I’m thinking…

quick, be quick, & release this bird,
let it fall like a child’s stripey beach ball,
watch it bouncing off this branch, limb
& twig, because quite truly, I’ll not

miss its throaty call at all, so pigeon,
pigeon, go be gone, & let me sleep
until I’m smitten by spring again.



PB “personification of a tree branch with a bird on it” ©️ Misky 2020 Image from Unsplash

2 responses to “for PB’s Personification of a Tree”

  1. Perhaps the bird was announcing spring?
    The calendar says two weeks yet. But the plants are responding to the warmth of day. A delightful read. So much a tree can teach us.


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