Her Fruit

Her Fruit

She’s in the corner with the brass and bronze,
like a passing thought that takes refuge in
wrinkled silks of sweet grape gold and
liquid purple. Arranged, liked an orange
whose peel scantly exposes juice and fruit
— so provocative — and arresting.
There for the taking. Her fruit. Her sweet wine.
An exchanged glance. A touch. To be tasted.




for Poets and Story Tellers United
©️ Misky 2020

19 responses to “Her Fruit”

  1. This is incredibly beautiful, Misky! 😍 I love the juxtaposition of the images; She being like an orange — provocative and arresting and the entire scenario so well painted! Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt! 🍊💝

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  2. Everything about this is stunning, but that opening line is particularly brilliant … and arresting. You are some kind of good, girl. So talented.

    I love how that comma after “arranged” makes me think this is about an arranged marriage — like all she is is some upcoming possession to the man she’s supposed to be marrying.

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  3. Gorgeous in a nutshell, Misky! Such delicious imagery. I love the ‘wrinkled silks of sweet grape gold and / liquid purple’, and the orange simile is so sensual – and enviable – I wish I’d written it!


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