A Poem after a line by Anne Sexton


Inspired by a line from Anne Sexton’s poem “Wanting to Die” –
“The black room took us like a cave”

Saturday Matinee at the Odeon

The black room took us like a cave
as we felt our way along the aisle.
A woman swept the floor, back
and forth with her flashlight.

Our tickets: Row 6 Seat 10 and 11.
We sink into plush red seats and
smile into each others silhouettes.
Hushed tones, giggles mingling

with crinkling candy wrappers,
the crunching scent of popcorn,
and a faint hint of cigarette smoke
from the projectionist’s booth.

The screen brightens, and music fills
my head. I am Gone with the Wind.



for PB’s “Sexton’s Room” ©️ Misky 2020

One response to “A Poem after a line by Anne Sexton”

  1. How movie theaters have changed… now our local places – you get assigned reclining seats with cup holders via a computer selection when you buy the tickets. And no one shows you to your seat. And everything is computerized. No longer a person in the projection booths at the multi-plex. Maybe one person to check the programming…

    Not to many movies I want to actually pay to see these days either…
    Nice verse. One way to get lost in afternoon 🙂

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