Day 26 & 27

Dear Diary.

Yesterday two opposing lows
one called Hector, the other Storm #7,
blew into the garden. Kicked up

leaves as if it were child’s play,
and before leaving, knocked down
the neighbour’s wood slat fence.

I think Alison’s gutters are blocked
with leaves. There’s a waterfall
spilling off the back of her house.

And the seagulls are still riding
the wind, innocent as air.



Note: My eyes misread “laws” as “lows”, which considering the weather this week was highly intuitive on Miz Q’s part. My mistake. Sometimes you just have to go with it. MQ26 & 27: Dear Diary & Opposing Laws and Twiglet: innocent as air ©️ Misky 2019It’s November Poem a Day month. These are 1st drafts

4 responses to “Day 26 & 27”

  1. Love those last two lines.


  2. What a fun way to recant inclement weather.. Hope all is well for you now….

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    1. Weather always passes 🙂


  3. I think last night continuing into this morning we are getting your winds.
    I just spied out the window a rather large branch from the old willow that has come down… At least the limb isn’t across and blocking the creek. Though we had had that happen.

    Always go with the flow…

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