Day 25

My old bones stopped me playing the piano, and nowadays I sleep on my left side – my right hip can’t take the pressure, and sometimes I feel my heart beat fragile as lose silver thread, and every morning I love seeing that single autumn leaf still clinging to its branch. And not all is lost in the shadows of sight that still permit my eyes light. Such are my brief interruptions and fleeting dark thoughts, but I delight in the day.

I hummed through my ears
when I played the piano.
The dog sang along.


dVerse Haibun (gratitude) and MQ25: What You Must Carry ©️ Misky 2019 It’s November Poem a Day month. These are 1st drafts

6 responses to “Day 25”

  1. Oh, I love the dog sang along. I can picture that. With all the problems I’m glad you can delight in the day.

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    1. She would howl and howl. So funny as she put her paws on the piano bench.

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      1. The Bible says make a joyful noise so I take it that’s what your dog was doing.

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  2. There is always something to be grateful for… love the dog singing along.

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  3. What an iconic witness to gratitude! Well done!


  4. As we face our mortality, it can make us more grateful…love this attitude of gratitude, Misky!


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