Day 19

Quiet as Snowfall

This morning
I thought about eternity
but decided that was too early.
It’s often quiet in the forest,
so instead I learned about quiet.

… clouds that blossom, and swallows
that always nest under the eves,
and old bees and new honey,
and colours so bright that
they’re knee-deep with gratitude.

Eternity always seems too long,
and yet,it’s hardly begun.

Moonlight stood frozen overnight,
old as water, ripples threading
the ice, thick as darkness while
I stood and watched eternity
snowing in the forest.


©️ Misky 2019 The original poem is an Untitled double-quadrille at 19 Nov Written for MQ19: 15 words selected from Susan Howe, excerpt from “Cabbage Gardens” from Frame Structures: Early Poems, 1974-1979.


nouns: ripples moonlight eternity thread forest
verbs: stood watch learn quiet swallows
modifiers knee-deep old thick dark while


It’s November Poem a Day month. These are 1st drafts

3 responses to “Day 19”

  1. Love them both, Misky but I have to admit this new one cause me to go “ahhhh ha, wish I’d done that.”


  2. So many lovely lines about bees, quiet, thinking; forest bathing with snowflake soap. 🙂


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