PA05 and dVerse

PA 05

A Crow’s Pleasure

black crow with
its patent leather shine,
snagged a brown shrew
on its cold hook grab.

carried it off under
fatal wings, carried
it off on ragged winds.

heard its final yip,
its faded death call.
waxen stiff its small
wordless voice.

up high, even higher,
over a black slow river,
never to see a gold foil
dawn again. forever in

a darkness, in the fold
of blackness, forever
in sleep and foolish tears.
all for a crow’s pleasure.


It’s November Poem a Day month. These are 1st drafts. Written for dV and PA 05 Pleasure and Displeasure poems and dVerse “Shades of Black” ©️ Misky 2019


3 responses to “PA05 and dVerse”

  1. I like the description of the cost of pleasure in the last stanza.


  2. Beverly Crawford avatar
    Beverly Crawford

    Victory for the crow, defeat for it prey. A tale bifold. Great write.


  3. all for a crow’s pleasure……oh my. And that description of the shiny sating of the blackness of the crow…and the tiny brown shrew. Great description and a rendering of the cruelty or natural ways of nature. A gold foil missing indeed.
    I’m reminded of how we humans tend to anthropomorphize animals…why do we do that?

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