MQ 05 and dVerse

MQ 05.1: Gypsy Moon

cool and dry
as ancient silk,
and bright as a lunar pearl.
Its light poured into rooms,
all it touched.
That moon shined on
like a new religion,
keeper of all
I knew.
By day
it tucked away
sheltered in my bed.

MQ 05.2

We disappointed him.
He flung his birthday gift
into the corner.

MQ 05.2 (an American Sentence) Flung Down in the Corner. MQ05.1 is a quadrille. dVerse Quadrille #91 and Quickly’s Day 5 ©️ Misky 2019 It’s November Poem a Day month. These are 1st drafts.

13 responses to “MQ 05 and dVerse”

  1. Your Gypsy Moon quadrille is luminous, Misky. I love the phrase ‘bright as a lunar pearl’, which is a vivid in my mind’s eye, and the image of the moon tucked away in bed.
    You r American sentence has left me wondering what was so wrong with the birthday gift that it was flung in the corner!


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