28 October 2019

That Cat Would Say

I eat cold tuna straight from the tin,
bits of bird in brown gravy.
The bird’s a chicken,
I think.
I didn’t catch it, so I can’t be certain.
Who’s certain of anything these days.

I’m the new cat on this street,
I want to pick a fight.
Maybe tomorrow. Not today though.
No particular reason. Just don’t want to.

Oh yes, and a fox
lives in this neighbourhood.
I’m not taking on a fox, for sure,
mangy things will tear you open
nose to tail, and then leave you
for the crows to pick over.

I wrote Santa this month.
Said I wanted a cow to suck dry –
the price of milk nowadays,
it’s extortion.

This street used to be so quiet.
Now it’s like Corsica, over-run with
criminal cats. Howling good fun.

If I could drive,
I’d buy a get-away car and head
for the coast road. Maybe set
upon a seagull or two, for lunch.

Ah. Lunch.



4.Miz.Quickly ©️ Misky 2019 Image belongs to Quickly.

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