27 October 2019

Random Thoughts of a Dachshund

bodes not well
for me.
ie., weenie
and teenie
and sausagie
and now
stuffed facsimile toy.
Get stuffed, I say.

for PB “What a Dachshund says


Bloody Toy Soldiers

I found your tin soldiers.
In the loft. In a big box.
Handwritten in broad red
“Tin Soldiers Hands off”.

You played endless hours,
a soldier in each hand.
Forward! Attack! Attack!
No! Retreat! you’d plead.

Tiny tin soldiers from
Napoleonic Wars —
no guns, no bombs.
Just a sword in hand,

and fury in their feet,
kicking at their shins
and ankles — because
when you’re young, well

that’s how it was done…


inkBlot Soldiers

Quickly’s Ink Blot What do you see in the ink blot – now write.

©️ Misky 2019

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