Junk Mail

Junk Mail

Dear Sir and/or Madam

Thank you for your letter.
Your new artificial leg
is being made by our
handicraftsmans today.

We attach invoice
for your payments –
bank details required.
If questions, hit reply.

Very kindly, J M Mooh,
Dhaka Artificials,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
tele: +00880 2384 83645

Blocked & deleted because:
1) I am boycotting plastic.
2) My leg doesn’t need replacing.

4 Miss B: Day 25 “Junk Mail”
©️ Misky 2019


2 responses to “Junk Mail”

  1. I take it the senders were not hand amputees. Handicraftsmans, indeed.

    Robert Mims
    Writer, Editor, Storyteller


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  2. We get spam calls every day about medical alerts, back braces, and other such things they claim we have ordered.


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