All That Effort for Nothing

All That Effort for Nothing

I encountered a word this morning.
I have no idea what it means.

It’s like one of those
scratch-my-head double negatives,
always leaves me thinking, Huh?

And the same goes for
adding up negative numbers.
Even worse, subtracting them.

Negatives, shouldn’t be allowed,
and double negatives, they’re
a virus. A kind of madness.

They take on a life of their own,
pretending to be all too human.
Minus one minus minus one equals
nothing …

all that effort for nothing.



4b#28 and Twiglet #145 ©️ Misky 2019

2 responses to “All That Effort for Nothing”

  1. And my hubby wonders why I’m not fond of anything over basic math!
    Though when I watched the movie “Hidden Figures” I was really amazed at the women who where dubbed “Human Computers”.

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  2. keep finding those words


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