About Those Falling Stars

When the First Star Fell

… the clouds fled.
That lone star,
that fell.
So free.
A splash and then
its ripple came,
and the sea was quieted
by the night.
Shining starlight
was its special gift.
And no one knew —
in the dark the sun exists.



written for PB’s “create a myth or story” about falling stars. ©️ Misky 2019

10 responses to “About Those Falling Stars”

  1. scotthastiepoet avatar

    Nice light (but at the same time deep…) touch here Misky. I enjoyed this – thank you…


    1. Thank you very much.


  2. Hopeful-ish ending is great!
    “And no one knew —
    in the dark the sun exists.”

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  3. Mysteriously beautiful.


  4. without knowing everything, faith has a chance to work its magic. beautiful poem.


  5. Nice lines: “and the sea was quieted
    by the night.” I hope the sun survives all that.


  6. Yes, it does.
    Seeing is not always believing.

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  7. Oh we just have to trust the fact that in depth of night the sun still shines.

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  8. I like the lovely ecstatic essence of this piece?

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