for dVerse Quadrille


In a teacup where leaves
twirl a dervish in golden fluid
of circular skirts,
rolling and roiling from
a devotional pot of clay
deeply red from where
life began evergreen,
and fortunes foretold
from depths of bone china,
tranquil tea.
A gypsy’s fortune told.

In a teacup where
leaves twirl a dervish in
fluid like a circular skirt,
roiling from a devotional pot,
a tranquil tea,
a gypsy’s fortune.

In your skirts of whispering
crinolines, your silver and
turquoise, and
bracelets of braided hair,
tell me of love.


for dVerse Quadrille “Tranquil” ©️ Misky 2019

17 responses to “for dVerse Quadrille”

  1. 2 beautiful quadrilles! I can just picture the tea leaves whirling. And then the beautiful ending of the second one. Sigh…

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  2. wow. You should send this to Irene!


    1. The first one or the second one, or both?


  3. Sigh, delightful and transporting.

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  4. Wow! These are jewels!

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  5. How beautiful, Misky. I loved watching the diminishing of the first one, to provide the word count for II’s second half…like watching tea leaves break off and become a whole new brew.


  6. I really love them both, but the second is a true gem. Love what you can find in tealeaves.


  7. I like the way the lines swirl like the leaves in a teacup. It sounds beautiful read aloud as well.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it.

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  8. I love the transposition and the expectation in all the movements. (K)

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    1. Thank you very much.

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  9. Textromancy over
    Reading Tea Leaves
    Bringing Dreams
    to Symbols
    Spirit Deeper Wind
    Tranquility Rising Seeing..:)

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