27 July Miz Quickly’s Secrets

A Poem Starting with a Line by Jimmy Baca

Yesterday, the sunshine made the air glow
hot as an itch.
I sat, in the shade
of the laurel, and

removed my shoes,
tugged off my socks,
and exposed

my corncob feet
to the bite
of nature’s nibble.

And my toes sighed,
Mercy, mercy me.


27 July: Miz Quickly’s “Secrets” ©️ Misky 2019


6 responses to “27 July Miz Quickly’s Secrets”

      • If I lived by the sea I’d walk barefoot in the sand… well good clean sand (no biting mites!). Once I saw a nest of ladybugs or ladybird (beetle bugs) come out of a hole poked in the sand at the shore.


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