for dVerse Prosery #2

Untitled Prosery #2

I dreamt that I was naked inside some blackness of thick night, floating amongst the rarest of silken clouds. I was cream on milk. Quicksilver folded in some ancient language of smoke and waft and alter fire. I drifted with constellations, crossed swords with Orion, and placed myself into every childhood. Blame me, if you must, for your unhappy days. Blame me, if you will, for my fullness of face, and when you stand rooted to the ground, as if the world is yours to own, I’ll still be higher and brighter than your balloons. Last night, I wished on a star before the sun brought its heat. Last night, I dreamt I was the moon, naked, and that I was your cream on milk.


for dVerse Prosery #2 “I dreamt I was the moon” — from “Full Moon” by Alice Oswald ©️ Misky 2019

3 responses to “for dVerse Prosery #2”

  1. Great other-worldly quality. (K)

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  2. Rich and wonderful prose here, piling on the images, like thick cream. Delicious.

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  3. I feel the power of the lunar aura here. Mystical

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