For Miz Quickly’s Day 19

A Cat Is Sat Under My Car

The neighbour’s cat
is under my car.
It usually comes out
if you call its name.

Ooooh, Marmalade.

It stretches. Long and
fat – its belly nearly
on the ground.
It stops. It stares.

Stranger danger,
Friends or foe,
it’s not to know.

Marmalade, I call again.

It’s a silly name for a cat
that’s not even orange.



for Miz Quickly’s Day 19: Play with Colour
(note: “is sat” is a Sussex colloquium.)

2 responses to “For Miz Quickly’s Day 19”

  1. Great poem and I love the name. I once had a cat named Topaz.

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  2. I knew someone who had a cat named ‘Dog’…

    Fun verse.

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