A Poem In the Style of Mary Oliver

A Poem In the Style of Mary Oliver

I’ve never been one to stand under
the midday sun, but here I am,
and my shadow has
disappeared below my feet,

and I’m watching ants chase summer.

Rain falls through the leaves, and
I feel thunder underfoot. The ants,
I pause. We taste the air, and
smell the weather change.

And then the chase resumes.

Again. A raindrop falls. A splash.
They change direction. Divert attention,
and I consider
and nature’s hold over us. I realise

I’ve never been one to ask if God
protects an ant chasing after summer.



For PB: 11 July
– write a poem in the style of another poet. ©️ Misky 2019

2 responses to “A Poem In the Style of Mary Oliver”

  1. I’m glad for the chance to read this again, here. My GOODNESS how I admire this poem, and this poet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much.


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