Miz Quickly’s Day 10

My Grandma Wore Mink

The sheets. The folded towels.
Even the pink toilet paper
was scented lavender.
She wore every base and treble
note of purple. Lived in it.
She smelled of Avon.

Grandma added spoonfuls
of sugar to string beans,
made dumplings so soft
angels wanted to sit on them.
Crystal long-stem glasses
are for kids, too, she said.

Grandpa stayed in his workshop.
Wore a paper bag on his head
to keep the sawdust out of his
hair. He kept yellow pencils
in his pocket — also kept one
tucked above his ear.

My other grandma could pluck
a chicken and milk a goat.



©️ Misky 2019 — Miz Quickly’s Day 10: Family and PB’s Grandparents

4 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Day 10”

  1. Love it. If this is G’ma Mims, I remember her sparkling white kitchen, the old cast iron irons used as doorstops, and the hummingbird globe in the parlor. For some reason, loved her tomato soup and rice concoction, and how classy she seemed to me.


    1. Ah, yes, the iron doorstops. And the soup – I forgot about her tomato soup. Classy, yes, very. My two grandmothers were like chalk and cheese.


      1. Same here. Only my city grandmother was pink and gray instead of lavender. She had her “shows” on TV and smelled of Cashmere Bouquet. My country grandmother smelled of milking, but she was the reader.

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        1. My mother was the reader. She always had a book on the go, and another ready.


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