PB’s Memoir Chapbook Project: 9 July 2019 Draft

(Draft: As Yet Untitled)

My grandma lived in a two bedroom
shiplap house that was halfway up
the biggest hill in town.

She sold parakeets and canaries
in the big bedroom. She slept
in a little room off the kitchen.

Grandma had rabbits. Every Sunday
there was one less — cooked them
in a black pot on an iron stove.

There was an old rusty Ford, buried
axel deep, behind the chicken shed.
The goats stood on it.

I could jump on the Ford’s roof as long
as I didn’t scare the goats, and it was ok
to plant dandelions in her veg garden.

My other grandma wore a fur coat.


©️ Misky 2019. For PB’s Memoir Chapbook 9 July 2019: Grandparents

4 responses to “PB’s Memoir Chapbook Project: 9 July 2019 Draft”

    • Yes, she was a troubled woman, but unique. Not everyone in my family thought well of her though. (ps: I edited out your email address and telephone number that was showing below your name.


  1. Some of our relatives have some strange stories…
    I have a neighbor who I was helping to move, she had quite a few, but no one wants them now – Fur coats were big a few generations back, even fifty years ago.


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