Miz Quickly’s Day 29: Magpie



I’m sitting on a limb, watching
a man reading
a newspaper.
From way up here
I have a wide view of Sunday.
North a few blocks,
and ten miles
south to the coast.
The man reading the newspaper
wears a gold ring.
It’s sunshine-bright.
I want that ring.


for Miz Quickly’s Day 29 Minute Poem: 60 syllables (

©️ Misky 2019

2 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Day 29: Magpie”

  1. Magpies are preferable to seagulls. Magpies are so honest in their avarice. Seagulls? They just want to unleash wet, fecal hell on all below.

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    • I have mixed feelings about magpies. They peck the eyes out of newborn lambs, and then gang up and kill them. I’ve seen them do the same to baby hares and rabbits in the fields. Seagulls are equally vicious, if you’re trying to eat fish and chips. But birds will be birds, according to Hitchcock. 🦅


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