Once Upon the Fumes of Night

Once Upon the Fumes of Night

I belong to a full moon,
a face of an angel
that rides the tops of trees.
Sleek as blond silk.
It follows me in peace
until the sun comes up,
that glaring invisible scar
that’s thirsty as salt.


©️ Misky 2019

Inspired by the poem “As I walked out one Midsummer morning” by Laurie Lee.

“Darkness came, full of moths and beetles. I was oppressed by the velvety emptiness of the word and swathes of soft grass. Then the fumes of the night put me to sleep”

dVerse’s Literary Alchemy with Laurie Lee



9 responses to “Once Upon the Fumes of Night”

  1. Blond silk reminds me of the fine corn silk that is often used for make-up, and spider’s silk too.
    I also liked the sun seeking salt… Seems like humid days can be like that you go out for just a few minutes and your skin is dripping salted sweat.

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