Miz Quickly’s Alchemy

fried egg

Egg Alchemy

It’s all about that last egg.
Stashed like a pearl, a gem
hurled like a ball to the back
of the fridge. In the outfield.

And so I fried it.

On toast it sits with bits of
ham. A spill of golden yolk.
Oh man. Oh man, now
we’re talking. Wow.

Pass the Tabasco.



Miz Quickly Day 23 : the alchemy of lead to gold

©️ Misky 2019

6 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Alchemy”

  1. I once kept an egg a really, really long time – just to see what happens.
    The inside turned into a lead ball that rattled in the shell. No I did not open it – I did not want to be over come by ‘rotten egg’ smell. 😉


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