Country Life and Other Myths Created by Katie Melua

Country Life and Other Myths Created by Katie Melua

There aren’t 9-million bicycles
in Beijing, and we’re not 12-billion
light years from the edge. However,
there are 7,843 steps as you walk
on cobblestones that threaten to roll
your ankle like cigarette paper.

I’m strolling the weathered planks
of the pier at Bandholm harbour.
The train runs from here to Maribo
on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
Twice daily. Today is Monday.
So I walked the village, around

the harbour, watched the gulls,
flicked green flying beetles off
my blouse, spoke to a fisherman,
spoke to an elderly man sitting
on his boat. Women don’t talk
to women around here. They pass

you by as quick as a sea breeze.
Forty years ago when my husband
showed me this corner of Denmark,
I wanted to live here. But not now.
I can’t live where the train only runs
twice daily, only three days a week.

I’m older now. I’m 12-billion light years
from then, and I don’t own a bicycle.


©️ Misky 2019

6 responses to “Country Life and Other Myths Created by Katie Melua”

  1. I don’t own a bicycle anymore, either. Donated it, along with helmet, tool kit, lights, gloves and Fix-a-Flat cans, to Big Brothers and Big Sisters charity two weeks ago. Traffic and bicycles do not mix well around here, and while tumbles in the past left scrapes that quickly healed, a crash or miscue now would be less forgiving. That, and having Eliquis flowing through my veins means I’d bleed more. So, I walk. A slower pace, better for the soul. At least, that’s what I tell myself. 😊

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    1. I ploughed into an oak tree in order to avoid hitting six teenagers busy texting on their phones. Cracked two ribs. Sold my bike the following week. 😂


  2. Terrific circle Misky.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Debi! 💕


  3. oh wow – love this – and the line about cobbles threatening to roll your ankle … like cigarette paper?! brilliant – and so refreshing! holy *smokes* ….

    this is just a wonderful poem – definitely circles – beautifully!

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