Ars Poetica Views Over the Marstal Bugt

Ars Poetica Views Over the Marstal Bugt

A poem
is sitting on this bench
It’s mostly green.
Except for
Seagull guano
Looks Ars Poetica.

A poem
needs strategic placement.
A swan in the reeds.
Two blackbirds in the elm tree.
A poem
is a breeze in my right ear.

A poem
is a ferry crossing.
From this place to another one.
A poem
is one way.
No return, or purpose.

A poem is
a weather-worn flag.
Shredded by patriots.
Or piracy.
A poem
just is.


Day 17: Ars Poetica – Wax Philosophical

©️ Misky 2019

3 responses to “Ars Poetica Views Over the Marstal Bugt”

  1. At first, I thought you mean Arse Poetica, a play on words, since you were, you know, sitting on a bench.
    Imagine my chagrin I bothered to look it up. Ars Poetica, indeed!

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  2. Nice thoughts from the bench. “A poem just is”

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  3. Poe-art-ry. Hope you are enjoying yourself!


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