dVerse Observations



The monotony of midday summer heat
flattens my thoughts. Spreads them thin.

I take a sip from a tall glass, ice cubes
clink and ring like wind chimes.

The sky is the colour of Dad’s blue eyes,
and I’m not going anywhere today.

My back, up against the sun.
It’s sticky sweet on my neck.

And I’m shelling peas.
This is magic. Just watch.

Press along the seam – and the pod
opens like blind innocence.

Six (sometimes nine) shy green peas
appear between my finger and thumb.

The dog next door is sniffing at the fence.
I have fluffy slippers that look like that dog.



dVerse Observations and Twiglet #128 “Picking Peas”. ©️ Misky 2019
Manipulated Image: Unsplash CC:00

17 responses to “dVerse Observations”

  1. I might have to try peas in my raised square foot garden next year.
    Right now the zucchini have flowers blooming. I only really have one plant but that may be enough as there are over ten blooms already.

    I think I may have shelled a few peas when I was younger…


  2. Press along the seam – and the pod
    opens like blind innocence.

    – what an incredible, evocative image this conjures, — especially following the “musings” of the sky being the colour of Dad’s eyes, not going anywhere, being backed up against the sun etc.
    this just has this meandering mind feeling that is both grounded and very enlightening, in a focused (for the writing) but delicious, non-focused way, which is most often how it is, when working in the garden –


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  3. The wandering thoughts come to fruition while sitting back and observing things as they are in a moment’s space and time — the way you do it is wonderful, with the eyes the colour of eyes to the pod opening “like blind innocence”. A lovely read! 🙂

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  4. Your poem and the fresh peas remind me of childhood, when I lived with my nan and granddad. We used to pick peas, beans and other veg and salad with a friend of theirs who lived across the road. He had a wonderful garden full of edible plants. Poems that do that to me are special and few and far between. I know what you mean about heat flattening and spreading thoughts, Misky. I love the ice cubes clinking and ringing like wind chimes and the surprise of the dog that looks like fluffy slippers!

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